Academic Training

The children of Girls Town are going to two main schools.  Govt. L P school and St. St. John Nephumsians’ Higher Secondary School  Kozhuvanal. Most of the children are studying well and getting good result in their studies. They are getting  1st class and many of them have been getting good grade in their  studies. They  got scholarships, and endowments in their studies.  Some of the children are not so clever in studies but they are very active in extra curricular activities.  From 9 am to 4 pm they are at school. The rest of the time in the morning and evening the sisters are giving special tuition for each class according to  the level of  their capacity. The weak students are giving special attention and care for their betterment in studies.

In good physical shape

The children have been getting necessary care for their health.  In the home’s compound, lots of vegetables and specially plantain is cultivated.  Once in a week they get banana, egg, meat and frequently  they have been getting vegetables, fish and nutritious food items. Everyday they are getting milk coffee in the morning and  evening.  In the evenings there is little snacks for all children when they comeback from the school. The children are given enough medical facilities. Once in a monthe the doctor from nearby hospital visit the home and give them necessary medicine. If required, the children are taken to Marian Medical Centre Pala an Fatima Hospital Kozhuvanal  for further treatments.

Emotional Stability

Mental Health a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community. (WHO).  Here there is lots of possibilities for their mental health.  They get very special care from the sisters and those who needs counseling They take benefit by these  mental health programs. Besides in order to improve their aesthetic and sports taste they have  cultural trainings like music, dance, drawing, drama, elocution,  running  etc. They participate in the state and district level cultural competitions and gains prizes.  There is a well established band set in Girls Town. Many children had gone from this institution  with good result and most of them attained in eminent places in the society. The functioning of the home is done through the financial and moral support of many benefactors.  CNEWA is a regular supporter of the home for giving better education and training to the children of this home.

Spiritual Intensification

The children of Girls Town are given an intense spiritual training through prayer and spiritual guidance. Every day the children are assembled in the chapel and spend time for rosary and other prayers. Once in a week there is an adoration for one hour and special prayer sections are arranged during week ends. Twice in a year 3 days retreat is arranged for their spiritual well being. Hindu students  are giving moral classes on Sundays and Christian children are getting catechism classes.   Once in a month there will be a seminar for them. The children trained out of Girls Town are spiritually grown through all these trainings.

Professional Training

The professional training is a part of the groth of a child. Girls Town is always concerned about the safe future of the children of the home. During the academical studies children are given practical training in computer, cultural skills like music, dance, elocution, acting , sports etc. Also they are trained for a homely fire by giving practice in gardening, vegetable gardening, animal rearing, cooking etc. They are well equipped to face the challenges of life through all these exercises. The children who are passed out of plus two are supported by the home for various professional trainings like nursing, teaching, degree, medicine, engineering, computer sciences etc.

An Integral Growth

Apart from the academic training. Girls Town aims at the integral growth of its constituents. Eligible counselors are giving counseling according to their needs. Hindu students  are giving moral classes on Sundays and Christian children are getting catechism classes.   Once in a month there will be a seminar for them. All are happy and well at school and home. Once in a week there is a prayer section for them for one hour with the sisters. At home, they have extra curricular activities, so that all the children are divided in to  four house groups. They have programs accordingly. In the last of the acadamical year they are given prizes  during the home day of Girls Town. On Sundays they are allowed to see movies