Girls Town was founded by the compassionate priest Rev. Fr. Abraham Kaippanplackal. After the foundation of Boys Town for destitute and orphan boys at Pala, Rev. Fr. Abraham’s desire was to establish a new home for the education and training of girls from poor families. His dream was realized with the support of his own parish at  Kozhuvanal. The generous people of the parish donated him the plot for the construction of the home. It was blessed by His Excellency Mar Sebastian Vayalil on 4th August 1963. Without delay a home was opened for the girl children at in the name Girls Town on 15th August with 7 girls. His niece Chinnamma Kaippanplackal( later Sr. Arpitha SMS) and Mary Manjappallil volunteered their service at first. After few years the sisters of Franciscan congregation take over the charge of the children. When the congregation of Snehagiri Misiionary Sisters was founded, the sisters took over the incharge of Girls Town from 1973.

The home was registered under the Orphanage Control Board and the governmet support the management of the home through a specific grant every year. Also the generous people of Kozhuvanal parish and many other compassionate people and agencies support this home in various way.

Late Rev. Fr. Joseph Thonakkara Parayil was a great benefactor if Girls Town. He supported to construct an building with the kitchen, refectory and auditaurium with necessary facilities. Also support us in our day today affairs.  Rev. Fr. George Kakkattil inspired and support us in a new initiative Grace Home  for the further training of the students who passed the SSLC Exam.   

A Day at a Glance

Girls Town has its own discipline and time schedule for everything. Most of the children are coming from broken families and from very pathetic  life situation. Every day they get up at 5.30am. After washing they have to reach in the respective study halls by 5.45 for morning prayers and then for Holy mass. By 7.30  children will come back to the study hall. At 8  they  go for breakfast and they do the manual work. Then by 9’oclock they get ready to school by 4.30 they return from school. After the evening coffee they have  half an hour playing in the ground. They play shuttle bat, running, kabadi etc.  By 5.30 pm  to 6.30 they have study time. At. 6.30 they get ready for the evening prayer and for study. At 8 they have supper and after fifteen minutes   common recreation.  Then they go for studies and on every Friday, after the supper they present cultural programs  alternatively by the house groups with the help of their warden sister. After the small night prayer about at 10 all children go to bed. On Saturdays, After the breakfast they do the general cleaning of the house.  Then they spend time for washing their dress.